Threads Dominates Engagement Battle: 90% of Brands Prefer Threads Over X, Resulting in User Benefits

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In a recent study conducted by the Website Planet Security Team, it was found that a majority of marketers experience higher levels of engagement on Threads, despite its significantly smaller user base, compared to X (formerly known as Twitter). The study analyzed comments and likes received by 30 different companies on identical or simultaneous posts on both Threads and X.

The results revealed a remarkable 87% surge in user engagement for accounts on Meta’s platform, Threads, even for accounts with fewer followers. Only four accounts were exceptions to this trend, emphasizing the impact of Threads on boosting user interaction, especially for accounts with modest followings.

Red Bull, with approximately 85% fewer followers on Threads, saw a staggering 23 times more likes and received 107 replies, compared to only seven on X. While McDonald’s performed better on X, the difference wasn’t substantial. Threads saw roughly a quarter of the usual likes and only 2% of the usual follows for McDonald’s.

On average, the companies analyzed received an impressive eight times more likes on Threads than on X, highlighting Threads’ popularity and user engagement. This research underscores the importance of choosing effective social media platforms to reach target audiences.

Threads, a newly launched platform, gained an astonishing 100 million users within just five days, surpassing the time taken by other platforms. Positioned as a direct competitor to Elon Musk’s Twitter, Threads has made a significant impact since its launch.

While Mark Zuckerberg reported a decline in app usage, Meta aims to regain users’ interest by introducing additional features. Companies may be more inclined to post on Threads if they observe higher interaction levels than their competitors.

The study also revealed that news organizations stand to benefit from Threads. A comparison of Reuters posts showed Threads had 6.5 times more likes, despite the account having a tiny fraction of the followers of X. This indicates that Threads is a valuable platform for news organizations to share content.

In summary, Threads’ engagement superiority, rapid user growth, and its potential for news organizations make it an influential player in the social media landscape.

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